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How will we increase clicks & Turn them into life long customers?

Customers now more than ever, want to associate products or services with a feeling and with so many options in your market, what keeps them loyal to your brand? We want your brand to outshine the rest, create a feeling, and build life-long relationships with your customers.

We get to know your business​

We want to know your story inside and out. What drives you to get up and do what you do everyday? Your passions are our passions. From where you source your products, to your mission statement, all the way down to the music you play in your store, every bit speaks to your brand- and we want to know it all!

We get to know your audience of potential customers​

Your customers are much more than statistics on a page to us, they're who grow your business! What sort of products are they buzzing about? What do they do in their free time? What sort of politics do they have? We find out these details and more to create interesting, relevant content to get your brand noticed in their feeds.

We get to know your competitors​

We find out what your competitors are doing- what's working for them, what isn't and where you can fit in. It may be a small piece in the puzzle but customers love a brand who can solve a problem. They aren't happy with their current roofing company and they tweet about it? We're all over it. They wish their corner coffee shop carried more vegan options? We'll feature posts highlighting your freshly delivered vegan donuts.

We offer monthly packages including:​

  • Set up and linking of social accounts to create seamless storytelling opportunities.
  • Optimization of blogs, SEO and SEM so your business can be found online.
  • Targeted ads to reach the best potential customers for your brand.
  • In depth, shareable content calendars
  • Use of professional tools to automate posts for optimal reach and engagement
  • Email blasts so your customers can stay up to date
  • 7 day a week customer engagement and social media monitoring
  • Original content creation- be shareable, go viral!
  • Relevant content curation to bring value to your audience's lives
  • Online community building with influencers in your area
  • Monthly analytic reports so you can SEE your growth

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