Relax your body & soul

Experience the Art of Caring


To Visit “Meera Spa & Health center” is not just to experience a massage or therapies, it is a total experience where all senses are pleasantly excited

Meera Spa is a leading spa in Indore, specializing in spa and massage therapies Meera Spa help you disconnect from the busy world and heal your mind and body. Many subtle, thoughtful touches welcome and soothe your senses the moment you step inside a Meera spa – be it the lullaby of a trickling water fountain or the aroma of lemongrass and oils. Nothing compares to the feeling relaxation and tranquility which engulfs you.

Our team of dedicated professionals possesses a genuine desire for your overall well being and will make your experience the ultimate retreat.We give you the maximum benefits in relaxation and transformation, from head to toe.

Experience the art of caring

  • Anticipation-Our Spa atmosphere invites pleasant thought drifting & escape from busting country around us.
  • Touch- our treatment massage or therapy. The healing touch & transfer of positive energies.
  • Smell- Our incenses , oil & products all are made from the finest finest herbs & aromatic oils.
  • Sound- our music is attuned to each & every treatment , just to listen to the nature , the sea ,a river ,the wind in the trees.
  • Taste- Our herbal teas are specially selected for pleasant taste & healing properties.
What We Do

At Meera, it is about you. Take your mind, body & spirit on a rejuventaing journey of ancient Indian and south-east Asian therapies and treatments. Our spa offers an oppurtunity to relax, and bring your physical, and spiritual selves back into alignment through divine massage and techniques as unique as you are. We say, it is “Rejuvenation Unlimited.”

Experience the art of caring