History of Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya

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Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya also known as Mistri or Mestri are a minority Hindu and one of the Socially and Educationally Backward Class community of Gujarat in India, whom claim to be Kshatriyas. They are an artisan community related with Kadia works.

Most are employed as labourers under construction contractors They are known for their artistic and master craftsman skills in constructing forts, temples, palaces, ornate decorations, idols and other buildings and statues that led to them being referred to as Mistri by the Portuguese. This term was later used to refer to them as a separate caste known as the Mistri Mistris of Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas are a group of clans who migrated from Rajasthan in the early 7th century AD . Kshatriyas first entered into Saurashtra at that time and founded thirty-six villages in the area, while others moved further into Kutch. Around 1177-78 AD , a major group migrated to Kutch from Saurashtra under the leadership of Patel Ganga Maru. They settled in the village of Dhaneti. There are several Parias of the community, located near village pond of Dhaneti, standing as memorials of the war that was fought in 1178 AD. The community members still go once every year to offer pooja and their respects to their fore-fathers.

This group, later, made their distinct identity not only by building historical forts, palaces, temples and architects in Kutch but also all over British India primarily in the fields of railways and coal mining. The Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas left Dhaneti and went on to establish eighteen villages in Kutch which were granted to them by the King: Anjar, Sinugra, Khambhra, Nagalpar, Khedoi, Madhapar, Hajapar, Kukma, Galpadar, Reha, Vidi, Jambudi, Devaliya, Lovaria, Nagor, Meghpar, Chandiya and Kumbharia. Over the centuries, they have been known or identified by names like Mistri, Mistry, Mistris of Kutch, Kutchi Contractor, Kadia, Kadia Kshatriyas, Gurjar Kshatriya Kadia, Kumar Gnati, Kutch Gurjar Kshatirya, Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya Samaj, KGK Samaj, Kgk community, etc.

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